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Arnie Armadillo and the Texas Heroes - Adina de Zavala

Arnie Armadillo is an armadillo who traveled from Missouri to Texas in search of other armadillos. Shortly after arriving in Texas, he makes a new and dear friend, Albert Armadillo, and becomes an adopted member of Albert’s family. Together, Arnie and Albert have traveled the entire state of Texas, exploring and discovering the many great things Texas has to offer. Arnie and Albert now want to learn more about the early Texas history and its many men and women who fought for the independence of Texas.

Texas State Parks and the CCC: The Legacy of the Civilian Conservation Corps

Accompanied by many never-published images that reveal all aspects of the CCC in Texas, from architectural plans to camp life, Texas State Parks and the CCC covers the formation and development of the CCC and its design philosophy; the building of the parks and the daily experiences of the workers; the completion an management of the parks in the first decades after the war; and the ongoing process of maintaining and preserving the iconic structures that define the rustic, handcrafted look of the CCC.

NASA in Houston

This featured collections page from the Houston Area Digital Archives highlights film clips and other resources that explore the history of NASA's presence in Houston. The KHOU-TV films clips feature President John F. Kennedy and astronauts Gus Grissom, John Glenn, and Neil Armstrong.