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Trammel's Trace: The First Road to Texas from the North

Trammel’s Trace tells the story of a borderlands smuggler and an important passageway into early Texas.

Trammel’s Trace, named for Nicholas Trammell, was the first route from the United States into the northern boundaries of Spanish Texas. From the Great Bend of the Red River it intersected with El Camino Real de los Tejas in Nacogdoches. By the early nineteenth century, Trammel’s Trace was largely a smuggler’s trail that delivered horses and contraband into the region. It was a microcosm of the migration, lawlessness, and conflict that defined the period.

Mighty Big and Super Great: Texas Is The "Lone Star State"!

Get ready to take an ENTERTAINING and EDUCATIONAL stroll through TEXAS HISTORY while learning some FUN TEXAS FACTS along the way!!
A TWO PART book. The first part is a rhyming and witty story that touches on some of the history of Texas while also introducing the importance, meaning and symbols that are relevant in our state. The second part includes 28 fun Texas facts mixed with more knowledge of fundamental elements such as the Texas pledge and our state song.

Coloring With The CCC

This coloring book from Texas State Library and Archives Commission features images from the 1938 pamphlet. The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) was a work relief program created part of the New Deal program established by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933. The original pamphlet comes from the Civilia Conservation Corps files of the Texas State Parks Board recordss at the Texas State Library and Archives,

American Armies and Battlefields in Europe: A History, Guide and Reference Book

American Armies and Battlefields in Europe: A History, Guide and Reference Book was first published in 1927 by the American Battle Monuments Commission with almost 600 pages to commemorate America's involvement into World War I. By 1938, the book was expanded with additional research to serve as a history of the American Expeditionary Forces’ accomplishments. Among the contributing authors was Maj. Dwight D. Eisenhower and General John Pershing. This book is considered one of the most comprehensive, historic books of America's involvement in the Great War.

Guide for Lesson Plans: Excerpts from Curriculum Guide for Texas History

The goal of this guide is to enhance your students’ visit to the exhibit A Destined Conflict: The U.S. - Mexican War. The lessons were excerpted from Curriculum Guide for Teaching Texas History, which is available for download at http://www.sanjacintomuseum.org/Education/For_Teachers/. Lesson documents are in PDF format for ease of downloading, but Word versions are available to teachers on request to insure modifications are simple for classroom use. Related images are at https://sanjacintomuseum.smugmug.com/CurriculumGuide in the 4B Texas Annexation and 4C-Statehood sections.

Women and the Rangers: Mothers, Wives & Daughters - Part 1

Women and the Rangers: Mothers, Wives, & Daughters. The words “Texas Ranger” do not usually call to mind the picture of a woman, yet women have played an important part in the history of the Rangers. They have been mothers and grandmothers, sisters and daughters, sweethearts and wives, aunts and nieces, friends and foes. Women were also commissioned as Special Rangers in the 1920s – 1940s, with one even commissioned to serve as a Mansion Guard at the governor’s mansion, a task often performed by Regular Rangers at that time.

Seeing Texas History: Bullock Texas State History Museum

The Bullock Texas State History Museum presents an up-close look at 81 of its artifacts in a full-color coffee-table book, “Seeing Texas History” (University of Texas Press, $40 hardcover). The artifact photographs are arranged chronologically, beginning with an ancient tool made from a rabbit jaw and continuing through cultural and historical items from modern-day Texas. Each picture is accompanied by a short text block. Just a few examples: Davy Crockett’s violin; the U.S.

A Southern Community in Crisis: Harrison County, Texas, 1850-1880

This book is the most recent publication from TSHA Press. The book was written by Randolph B. Campbell. “Few academic volumes remain timely and relevant more than thirty years after they were first published. This is one of those exceptional books.”—from the foreword by Andrew J. Torget Historians have published countless studies of the American Civil War and the era of Reconstruction that followed those four years of brutally destructive conflict.