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Texas in the 1920s

Exploring Texas Workshop Series

TSHA hosts the Exploring Texas Workshop Series every year. Teachers in attendance can receive professional development credit for attending sessions with accessible historical content and pedagogoical advice from renowned scholars, respected classroom practicioners, and organizations with expertise in the fields of history, geography, economics, civics, and skill building.
2017-2018 Schedule
Amarillo - July 21, 2017
Richardson - August 7-8, 2017
Austin - November 7-, 2017
Houston - February 5-6, 2018

Save Texas History Symposium

An annual conference, established in 2009,  which highlights and emphasizes the history of Texas and the role Texans have played in shaping the history of the United States. Each year academics, authors, and enthusiasts gather to discuss themes related to Texas and its place in history.  Previous themes include: World War I, The Alamo, The Civil War and The City of Austin.

Women on the Move: Texas the Fight for Women’s Rights

An online, multimedia exhibit which highlights the struggle for Women’s Rights in Texas and the role Texan women played in the greater national struggle.  Uses a combination of interactive applications, documents, photographs, audio, and video to illustrate the progressions, setbacks, and major events in the Women’s Right’s Movement’s history in Texas.

The Great Migration

This exhibit, a compilation of original projects produced and curated by University of Houston Honors College Students, examines The Great Migration of African Americans out of the south following the end of World War I.  This exhibit examines the movement from a variety of perspectives as well as its impact on the city of Houston.


Deep in the Vaults of Texas: A Campus Collaboration

Deep in the Vaults of Texas: A Campus Collaboration brings together diverse artifacts from archives, museums, and repositories across The University of Texas at Austin campus. Displayed at the LBJ Presidential Library, the exhibit showcases items from a wide range of time periods and locations and underscores the richness and depth of the university’s holdings – from early Texas arrowheads to Renaissance paintings to Jazz Age memorabilia.