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Texas: Photographs, Manuscripts, and Imprints (DeGolyer Library)

This digital collection contains some 2,000 photographic images, real photographic postcards, books, historic documents, and maps of Texas. Of particular note are several collections of early photographic postcards showing Texas railroads, early oil fields and rigs, courthouses, military camps, parades, and events in small Texas towns.

Lawrence T. Jones III Texas Photographs

This digital collection contains approximately 3,600 photographs, ca. 1846-1945, including Confederate and Union soldiers and officers in the Civil War and a wide spectrum of Texan citizens, including African American, American Indian, and Caucasian men, women, and children. The photographs provide a unique glimpse into the social and domestic history of Texas, as well as Texas architecture, transportation, ranching, agriculture, business, and material culture.


The lesson plan was developed collaboratively by Texas History curriculum writer Beth Hudson (Austin ISD), Dr. Bryan Stone, author of The Chosen Folks: Jews on the Frontiers of Texas; and PEI professionals. It utilizes standards in multiple strands, e.g., religious freedom; frontier expansion, cattle, oil, and railroad industries; and civil rights, to explore the impact made to and on Texas by multiple unique racial, ethnic, and religious immigrant groups, e.g., African-Americans, Czechs, Germans, French, Jews, and Vietnamese.

A New Life in Freedom: A Late 19th-Century African-American Farmstead

This lesson contains three mini-lessons that may be used independently or together. In these lessons, students will explore a painting based on an actual farmstead site owned by former slaves, Ransom and Sarah Williams, to learn about African-American family life in 19th-century Texas. They will work in pairs or groups to learn about the various activities and chores shown in the painting, examine the artifacts found by archeologists representing these activities, and compose “snapshots” based on their findings.