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Mesquite Trees in Texas

Students will construct a T-chart, listing the advantages and disadvantages of the mesquite tree. Students will use pages 32-36 to list uses of the mesquite tree on Barking Up the Mesquite Tree. They will write these labels for each of the large branches: “Uses by Indians,” “Uses by Settlers,” “Current Uses.”

Prehistoric Texas

Students will illustrate the four basic stages of cultural advancement for prehistoric Texas using the Prehistoric Texas section.Students will also read The Spanish Explorations and The French Exploration sections. Afterwards, they will work in small groups to create a living statue of one of the Spanish or French explorers.

Environment of Texas

Students will use the “Physical State of Texas” section to fill in the Physical State of Texas Graphic Organizer. In small groups, students will create a collage reflecting each of the four physical regions of Texas. A Texas outline map (Appendix) will be divided into the four regions. Students will illustrate the regions using magazine pictures or their own drawings. They will use the “Physical Regions” section and include, for example, geographical features, natural vegetation, and resources.

Wildlife in Texas

Student will select a species from either the threatened or the endangered category. Each student will utilize the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department web site. Students will create a mascot for their chosen threatened or endangered species. The mascot should be named and drawn. Students will create a commemorative postage stamp in recognition of a Texas threatened or endangered species. Working individually or in pairs, students will create a travel brochure for one of the seventeen National Wildlife Refuges in Texas.

Water Resources

The teacher will discuss the difference between a secondary and a primary stream. Students select four streams (one from each of the four natural regions of Texas). Students draw their approximate locations on their map and compare their length, sources, and characteristics. Discuss the impact of seasons and climate on water streams and flow.