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Kwahadi Dancers

The Kwahadi Dancers are a unique youth performing group from the “Crown of Texas”, the Panhandle area of the Texas High Plains. In addition to regularly scheduled public shows at the Kiva, the Kwahadis present their colorful pageant of song, dance, and stories of the American Indian for tour buses groups, conventions, community events, youth camps, church events, fundraisers, museums, and community events nationwide.

Dates and Definitions for Major Eras in Texas History

The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) effective in fall 2011, state the following: "The student is expected to identify the major eras in Texas history, describe their defining characteristics, and explain why historians divide the past into eras, including Natural Texas and its People; Age of Contact; Spanish Colonial; Mexican National; Revolution and Republic; Early Statehood; Texas in the Civil War and Reconstruction; Cotton, Cattle and Railroads; Age of Oil; Texas in the Great Depression and World War II; Civil Rights and Conservatism; and Contemporary Texas."

Texas History Mini-Qs from The DBQ Project

Ten engaging documents based questions about Texas History: Cabeza de Vaca: How Did He Survive? Remembering the Alamo: A Personal Journal, Texas Oil and Social Change: What Story Should be Told? Politics or Principle: Why Did Lyndon Johnson sign the Civil Rights Act of 1964? Materials guide students through the Six Step DBQ Method to analyze primary and secondary source documents and then write an argumentative essay defending their point of view with the documents.