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Texas History Word Splash

How to use WORD SPLASH: 1. Students work in pairs. Each person will need a reading journal or sheet of notebook paper and a pencil. 2. As a pre-reading activity, display an overhead that relates to the article to be read. Explain that the words that the students are looking at relate to the article that they will be reading about. Read the words aloud to students. 3. Tell the students that they need to connect two of the words or phrases together and tell how they might go together in the article. They need to do this for all of the words on the word splash. 4.

Mind Missions - 4th grade workbook

Engage students in 24 lessons about Texas geography and history. Build a bridge of understanding about Texas mountains and basins. Create communication systems for early explorers. Construct tools for early Texas industries. Invent a skit to encourage settlement for Stephen F. Austin. Devise a solution to help Texans survive and thrive throughout its colorful history. In Mind Missions, students solve the problems of yesterday as they prepare to meet the challenges of tomorrow.