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Staff Development

Includes online and in-person training for educators intended to provide social studies content or teaching strategies.

TSHA Annual Meeting

Every year since 1897, the Texas State Historical Association has held an annual meeting. The largest gathering of its kind for Texas history enthusiasts. Join the leaders in the field for three days of sessions, networking, events, and professional development that will expand your knowledge, energize you, and help you to deepen your connections with the state's extraordinary past.

Educator Resources: Experience the Bullock Museum—the biggest classroom in Texas.

The Bullock Museum provides tools for educators. Educators can prepare for their visit to the Bullock Museum, or use these on-demand tools such as: *Campfire Stories ---Interact with Texans gathered around a campfire to share their stories. Students will discover how people shape Texas's past and future. Texas History Timeline: Let your students travel through the past in a sweeping journey through Texas history. *Interactive Artifact Gallery --Examine curriculum-related Texas artifacts with an interactive gallery featuring hundreds of Museum objects.

The DBQ Professional Development Workshop Series

The DBQ Project offers one or two day workshops for teachers to help them demystify documents analysis and persuasive writing for their students. We introduce our Six Step DBQ Project Method and then guide teachers through a documents based question to show them how to use it. Teachers learn how to help students thoroughly analyze primary and secondary source documents and how to guide students to organize and write a five paragraph argumentative essay using the documents.