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Audio-Visual Materials

Items such as videos, audio recordings, podcasts, interactive materials and websites, etc. which are available online and in formats such as DVD and VHS.

Texas Talks with Dr. Gregg Dimmick: Come and Take It! Gonzales Cannons - Part 1

Dr. Dimmick discusses the roles of Green DeWitt, Texas empressario from Gonzales, and Ramon Musquiz, political chief of Bexar. The story begins with DeWitt writing a letter to Musquiz asking for a cannon to defend Gonzales. There are diverse accounts regarding the size and structure of the cannons, one document calls it a bronze cannon and the other an iron one.

Texas Talks with Dr. Caroline Castillo Crimm: Petra Vela Vidal Kennedy and Mifflin Kenedy

Dr. Crimm discusses Petra and Mifflin Kenedy. Petra came to Brownsville as an unmarried woman with several children. In Brownsville, she met a Pennsylvania Quaker who made a fortune from steam boating but was interested in ranching, Mifflin Kennedy. He became one of the richest ranchers behind Richard King in Texas. Two years after the birth of their first son together, Petra and Mifflin married in 1854. They eventually had more children together. During the Civil War, Kenedy made a lot of money from the sale of cotton. Sadly, their children died and eventually the Kenedy line died out.

Texas Talks with Dr. Caroline Castillo Crimm: Introduction of Petra Vela Kenedy

Dr. Crimm discusses Petra Vela Vidal Kenedy, who became the wife of one of the two richest ranchers in Texas, Mifflin Kenedy. Dr. Crimm visited Mexico City to research Petra and her first husband, Louis Vidal, using the Mexican Military Archives. She noticed that Petra was in the census listed as a "servant" and did not appear to be married but her children bore Vidal's name. It appeared that her children were born throughout Mexico in 1846 during the Mexican American War. Louis Vidal, however, appeared to have married another woman, Manuela Andrande, in 1842. Dr.