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Texas Talks with Dr. Caroline Castillo Crimm - Bernardo de Galvez - Questions and Answers

Dr. Crimm takes live questions and answers after her talk on November 2, 2015 on Bernardo de Galvez. She discusses his treks to the Pacific, how he funded and smuggled supplies to the Americans during the Revolutionary War, the legacy of Galvez in Mexico and the first cattle drive from Texas to Louisiana.

Texas Talks with Dr. Caroline Castillo Crimm: The Tribulations Of Bernardo De Galvez

Dr. Crimm discusses the military experiences of Galvez, who as a young lieutenant was assigned to Chihuahua. He was charged with defeating the Apache in this desolate region and inspired his men to bravery. Galvez learned the meaning of command in Mexico. He also met and defeated the Apache, taking many captive. Back in Chihuahua, instead of punishing them, Galvez learned their language and spoke to them. He appreciated and understood that they were only defending their land. He wrote a book on how to deal with the Apache, and it gets back to the King of Spain.

Texas Talks with Dr. Caroline Castillo Crimm: Patricia de Leon, Mexicos Independence, and Texas Empressarios

Dr. Crimm discusses Patricia de Leon's life. Patricia donates her entire dowry to her husband to purchase land for what becomes the de Leon colony in Texas at the beginning of the 19th century. She gives birth to ten children who live through Mexican Independence in Mexico and Texas. The family returns to live in Mexico during the time of the Battle of Medina in Texas, which was devastating for many families and thousands of revolutionaries who were killed for challenging the King of Spain. The de Leon's returned to Texas in 1818. In 1821, Mexico gained its independence from Spain.