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Audio-Visual Materials

Items such as videos, audio recordings, podcasts, interactive materials and websites, etc. which are available online and in formats such as DVD and VHS.

Early Texas

Sen. Hutchison, Dr. Cantrell, Dr. de la Teja, and Gov. Richards comment on the settlement of early Texas with respect to Stephen F. Austin and the empressario system, the political situation in Mexico and increasing tensions in Texas, and the Tejano participation in the Texas Revolution.

Pieces of the Past: A History of Austin Television

As a collection, films from Austin television stations provide insight into local television history while providing a unique case study of how television was made from 1952 to 1969. Piecing together a history of Austin television are films from the collections of Carolyn Jackson, Neal Spelce, Wally Pryor, and Gordon Wilkison. Although still far from complete, this collection provides a unique look into television’s past.

Texas and Texans During the Vietnam War Years

This Vietnam War film sampler was inspired by the collection of Austinite Marcellus Hartman, who captured hundreds of films of soldiers and Vietnamese civilians around the Camp Evans military base, while he served as a military records clerk. Hartman’s amateur films provides a moving image history of the first “television war” different of that found in Hollywood features and documentaries.

The Rio Grande Border Filmography Project

In conjunction with the Rio Grande Institute, the Texas Archive of the Moving Image presents the first step towards an online list of feature films depicting the US-Mexico frontier. This project lays the groundwork for further work on identifying, preserving and creating greater access to moving images dealing with the unique borderland along the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo river boundary. The filmography supplements and supports the Rio Grande Border Project - a three-part multi-media education effort.

The Texas Film Sampler

Showcasing films from 1900 to 2002, the Texas Film Sampler offers a curated overview designed to illustrate the eclectic nature of the Texas Archive of the Moving Image (TAMI) collection.

These materials underscore TAMI’s goal in championing the value of regional voices in constructing Texas history. Additionally, this selection illustrates the serious need for greater attention to the care and management of this rare material. Many of the clips seen here are in extremely poor condition.

Melton Barker Juvenile Productions

This curated collection features films created by itinerant filmmakers. Throughout the twentieth century, so-called itinerant filmmakers traveled throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, visited smaller cities, and made a business out of the creation of local stars. These town booster or home talent films featured community landmarks, businesses and, most importantly, local residents.

Constitutional Crisis and Impeachment of a President

Under the stewardship of Johnson, southern whites held constitutional conventions throughout 1865, drafting new constitutions that outlawed slavery but changed little else. When the Republican-dominated U.S. Congress reassembled late in 1865, they put a stop to the leniency and inaugurated Radical (or Congressional) Reconstruction, a process that resulted in the immediate passage of the Civil Rights bill and the Fourteenth Amendment, and the eventual passage of four Reconstruction Acts