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4th Grade

Texas Talks: Dr. Randolph Campbell, Texas Confederate Pensions, Full Talk

Join TSHA Chief Historian Randolph “Mike” Campbell as he reveals an untold story he uncovered while researching for his book, A Southern Community in Crisis: Harrison County, Texas 1850-1880. “Texas Confederate Veteran Pensions: The Curious Cases of Guy and Dora Shaw of Harrison County,” focuses on the complex race relations in East Texas following the Civil War. Dr. Campbell uses primary archival sources to tell this story. Video courtesy of Texas Talks and the Texas State Historical Association

Women and the Rangers: Mothers, Wives & Daughters - Part 1

Women and the Rangers: Mothers, Wives, & Daughters. The words “Texas Ranger” do not usually call to mind the picture of a woman, yet women have played an important part in the history of the Rangers. They have been mothers and grandmothers, sisters and daughters, sweethearts and wives, aunts and nieces, friends and foes. Women were also commissioned as Special Rangers in the 1920s – 1940s, with one even commissioned to serve as a Mansion Guard at the governor’s mansion, a task often performed by Regular Rangers at that time.

Texas Talks: Bill O'Neal on the Alamo Prepares for Battle, Part 2

State Historian Bill O’Neal describes James Bowie, giving a brief history of his accomplishments in Texas and his role in its history leading up to the Texas Revolution. Bowie was a major figure who fought in The Battle of the Alamo and explained his efforts and courage that motivated many Texas to continue fighting against Mexican forces until their final victory at The Battle of San Jacinto. He also talks about the preparations and motivations of the Texas revolutionaries. Video courtesy of Texas Talks and the Texas State Historical Association.