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Texas Archive of the Moving Image

"Women on the Move" Lesson Plan by Texas Archive of the Moving Image

The Texas Archive of the Moving Image has released a new student-directed lesson plan titled "Women on the Move". The lesson plan focuses on the National Women's Conference of 1977, which was held in Houston, TX. The conference was convened with the purpose of drafting a coordinated national plan to ensure gender equality and the protection of the rights of women in the U.S. The lesson plan emphasize the issues women faced leading up to the conference.

The Henry Kuempel Collection

The Texas Archive of the Moving Image has recently released The Henry Kuempel Collection. The Texas Archive of the Moving Image received the films as a donation from the Austin History Center. The collection consists of the home movies shot by Kuempel, Texas resident, from the 1940s and 1950s. The films show a glimpse of the final days of Austin street cars, the early days of Round Up celebrations at the University of Texas, and the Austin Pioneers baseball team during practice. 

Women on the Move: Texas the Fight for Women’s Rights

An online, multimedia exhibit which highlights the struggle for Women’s Rights in Texas and the role Texan women played in the greater national struggle.  Uses a combination of interactive applications, documents, photographs, audio, and video to illustrate the progressions, setbacks, and major events in the Women’s Right’s Movement’s history in Texas.

Texas in Transition: Social, Political, and Economic Issues in 1920s Texas

TAMI is happy to release its newest lesson plan, Texas in Transition: Social, Political, and Economic Issues in 1920s Texas. Completely free and full of primary source materials, Texas in Transition uses a project-based learning approach to improve retention of new content and develop students’ personal ties to the past. Accompanying worksheets and an annotated list of resources for additional research are also provided. The 1920s was a period of rapid development and urbanization in Texas.

Timber! - The Texas Lumber Industry

The lumber industry has played a key role in the economic development of Texas since the end of the Civil War. Timber production in East Texas was partially responsible for the rapid growth of railroads in the state, as well as the development of the Texas paper industry and the rise of both residential and commercial building. However, jobs in the lumber industry have been considered as some of the most hazardous occupations, and numerous problems with pollution and deforestation have led to some people speaking out against commercial lumber production.

A Journey to the Moon through Texas: Texas and the Apollo Program

This lesson explores this unique period of growth in the U.S. space program focusing on the role of the Manned Spacecraft Center (now the Johnson Space Center) and the contributions of workers at the Texas site. Using films produced by NASA and staff at the Manned Spacecraft Center, as well as home movies and other promotional films, students will gain a greater understanding of the developments within the space program and the short timeline and rapid progress that was made. This lesson corresponds with TAMI's web exhibit, A Journey to the Moon through Texas.

A Journey to the Moon through Texas

This lesson plan is sponsored by the Texas Archive of the Moving Image. In the 1950s and 1960s in the United States, national support and funding for space programs and technological research expanded as the international political climate following World War II gave way to the Cold War. Often referred to as the “Space Race,” the competition between the United States and the Soviet Union for supremacy in spaceflight and aerospace technology led to the rapid development of space programs in both countries.

La Frontera Fluida (The Fluid Border)

TAMI is proud to present its newest web exhibit, LA FRONTERA FLUIDA (THE FLUID BORDER). The Texas borderlands are an exceedingly varied and evolving space, one of perpetual conflict and social tension, bi-national negotiation and cooperation, and rich cultural diversity and heritage. At a time when issues like immigration and border security are of increasing political prominence, we must take a closer look at the region and the intersecting layers of discourse that shape its complex history.

Timber! - The Texas Lumber Industry Social Studies, Grades 4 and 7

This lesson highlights the work of lumberjacks and millworkers, as well as the benefits of the paper industry, the need for conscientious timber stewardship, and the importance of lumber to the Texas economy. Using videos showing different aspects of lumber production and outside research from their textbooks and reference websites, students will analyze and compare depictions of the lumber industry – both those showing the hazards of timber manufacturing and those showing the benefits of lumber production.