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Sam Houston Project

The Texas Revolution

Podcast: Renowned expert Jeff Dunn discusses the Texas Revolution and the battles that took place during March and April of 1836. Where did these battles take place? How did these battles unfold? And most importantly, how did they turn out? Featured paintings are by noted Texas artists Charles Shaw, Lee Jamison, and Lajos Marcos.


Podcast: Once separated from Mexico, political issues in the United States kept Texas from becoming a state, forcing it to govern itself as an independent republic. Additionally, many in Texas wanted the new country to expand to the Pacific Ocean and become a rival to the United States. Sam Houston maneuvered Texas into statehood and went on to serve as one of its first two U.S. senators, and later its governor.

The Sam Houston Project

The Sam Houston Project is a online collection which covers the life of Sam Houston. The website includes a photo gallery, artifacts, a myths and legends section, an interactive timeline, a section dedicated to educators, information about the Sam Houston movie (in the works and for educators), and a secton about the people and places that Sam Houston interacted with as well as an artifacts page.

Ravens Journey - A Musical

Ravens Journey is a musical that combines music, art, and history to teach students about the life of Sam Houston. The format is a living timeline where students step out in character as Sam Houston to explain different periods of his life, with choral and dance performances taking place in between. The music comes from the Scott-Foresman CDs which are used in Texas, and all of the music is easily found in the public domain if live accompaniment is desired. The downloads are free and there are no fees for performance in a public or private school.