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Law-Related Education

I was the first. Vote for ME!

"I was the first. Vote for Me!" is an interactive website that brings to life the important firsts in United States and Texas history who are part of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards for Texas elementary students. This website allows students to explore 21 animated historical figures who made significant contributions, paving the way to today. After viewing the animations, students vote on the historic first they believe is the most significant. A fictional school will be named after the historic first who receives the most votes. I was the first. Vote for Me!

Oyez, Oyez, OH Yay! Civic Resources for Texas Students and Teachers

Oyez, Oyez, Oh Yay! is an interactive website that focuses on the landmark court decisions that Texas students must know to be successful in preparing for the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) assessment tests in U.S. government and history. Students and teachers can search through the case summaries, videos and other helpful resources. And teachers, there are teaching strategies and suggested curriculum materials just for you.

A case of Arson at the Mansion: A Guided Mock Trial

Purpose of the Project: Texas school students participating in this enrichment activity will learn about the historical significance as well as the current status of the Texas Governor‟s Mansion. Utilizing this example based on an actual fire, students will learn courtroom procedure, laws regarding arson and its consequences, as well as fire safety information.