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By J.W. Wilbarger, 1890. Reliable accounts of battles, wars, adventures, forays, murders, massacres, etc., together with biographical sketches of many of the most noted Indian fighters and frontiersmen of Texas. Source: Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library
Shows areas of Spanish dominion in North America, including Mexico, California, Louisiana and Texas. Scale of map is "Leagues of Castille 26-1/2 to a Degree" or "British Statute Miles 69-1/2 to a Degree." Includes topographical detail and Explanation of the Signs table at left.
French map of Louisiana and the Mississippi River, around the time of the Louisiana Purchase. Shows the areas of Louisiana, what would become Texas, South Carolina, Virginia, and other states as they existed at the time this map was produced. Title of map translated from printed inscription. Includes topographical details and inset. Text is in French.