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Preservation Austin and Dr. Tom Barrett will discuss the “public” archaeology, its importance and relevance in the modern era, and its specific importance to the city of Austin. He will also touch upon archaeological resources in Austin and the current processes in place for historical designations and models.  This event runs on September 12 from 6pm – 7pm at 500 Chicon St, Austin, Texas.
This video is sponsored by Texas Counties. In times of disaster, the county judge must step up to serve his or her community, and rise above the normal duties of the office, keeping county residents safe and becoming the hero the county deserves.
The Battle for Texas: The Experience is a permanent exhibition, on the ground floor of the River Center Mall, in San Antonio, Texas. This exhibition is meant to serve as an interactive exhibition and immersive attraction showcase of Texas history, with a focus on the Alamo historic battle. The attraction showcases an important collection of 250 artifacts curated from the private libraries of major collectors and...