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Former US Representitive talks about John F. Kennedy's final vist to Fort Worth before his death.  This is a three part series of videos.
Read the following newspaper article about presidential visits to Fort Worth and the excerpt from the John Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum about President Kennedy’s visits to Fort Worth.
Analyze, individually or with a partner. the following political cartoons that appeared in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram in November 1963 by answering the following questions.
On May 29, 1964 the United States Post Office issued a commemorative stamp for President John F. Kennedy. On that day, JFK would have been forty-seven years old. Upon the death of a president, the USPS issues a stamp, usually on his birthday. It is cancelled from a town that was significant to his life. JFK’s stamp was cancelled from what was considered his "hometown," Boston, Massachusetts. The envelope, or cover,...
Analysis of the Map of President Kennedy’s Motorcade Route in Fort Worth, Texas November 21- 22, 1963
Analyzing Political Speeches: Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy Words matter and the words of the Presidents of the United States are especially important because our President serves as a symbol of the nation. From the first presidential speech to the last, the words of Presidents have the potential not only to shape policy but also to unite, challenge, and inspire citizens. A president’s first...
President John F. Kennedy and the Citizens of Fort Worth, Texas In the fall of 1963, President John F. Kennedy began to prepare for his second presidential campaign. By the end of September, he had traveled to the West, speaking in nine different states in less than a week. In November he planned a tour of Texas, a "must win" state, visiting five cities over two days. First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy...
An article from the Academy of Achievement on Denton Cooley.