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Austin Community College Continuing Education offers Archaeology: If Houses Could Speak . Dr. Thomas Barrett explores the process of researching historical properties from genealogy to architectural history, as well as, all the artifacts and archival records in between. The cost of the course is $76.
This article is a secondary source on the flag makers of the Texas Revolution.
This is a lesson plan that highlights the Alamo. Remembering through education. The Alamo strives to meet the needs of today’s classroom teachers. We realize that the school year moves quickly, making planning critical. This Alamo Educator Packet is based on the Texas Essential Knowledge...
The Alamo features the First Saturday at the Alamo: On the first Saturday of every month, the grounds of the Alamo are transformed back in time to the 1830s. Join The Alamo for a full day of living history fun that the whole family will enjoy. Learn about life in frontier Texas with special demonstrations and crafts.
Students will build a scale model of the Alamo using the resources in this packet. Teachers may also choose to use any of the worksheets in the packet alongside the model building project.
Using the information in this packet, students will make a model representation of The Alamo. Although it is impossible to determine the exact measurements of the buildings of the Alamo during the 1836 siege, students will use approximate measures. Teachers can also choose to use any of the worksheets in tandem to model building.
This is a 4th grade packet - Lesson Educator Packet is based on the Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills for Social Studies as specified by the Texas Education Agency. It is designed to create learning opportunities by providing ready-to-use reference material and activity sheets that can be used as either the basis of individual lessons or as sponge activities. We believe that this information can easily be...