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This video is sponsored by Texas Counties. In times of disaster, the county judge must step up to serve his or her community, and rise above the normal duties of the office, keeping county residents safe and becoming the hero the county deserves.
This is an educational video about Texas geography, particularly counties in Texas
This Texas Talk aired on Monday August 15, 2016 by the Texas State Historical Association. Fort McKavett was established in 1852 by the 8th US Infantry. The fort closed briefly in 1859, but reopened in 1869 and has been designated a Texas historic site since May 17, 1968. The fort is considered one of the most intact and preserved examples of Texas-Indian Wars military post. The fort has restored structures that...
TAMI is proud to present its newest web exhibit, LA FRONTERA FLUIDA (THE FLUID BORDER). The Texas borderlands are an exceedingly varied and evolving space, one of perpetual conflict and social tension, bi-national negotiation and cooperation, and rich cultural diversity and heritage. At a time when issues like immigration and border security are of increasing political prominence, we must take a closer look at the...
This short documentary highlights the Navarro County Courthouse re-dedication, which took place on July 9, 2016. It discusses the history and effort it takes to re-store historical buildings and then importance of maintaining/preserving historical structures.
This is an article that includes a report and video published by the Houston Chronicle Newspaper on Tuesday June 7, 2016 on the legacy of Barbara Jordan. The video depicts live footage of Barbara Jordan speaking at the 1976 Democratic National Convention in Madison Square Garden. She was the first African American woman to deliver a keynote address at a major party convention.
This is a 60 minute documentary that highlights Texas National Parks. This film will help Texans celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the National Park Service. The film celebrates the culture, history, wildlife and natural wonders preserved at each site, and is organized chronologically by date of creation. Big Bend National Park, which opened in 1944 and covers more than 800,000 acres of prickly desert, canyons and...
"I was the first. Vote for Me!" is an interactive website that brings to life the important firsts in United States and Texas history who are part of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards for Texas elementary students. This website allows students to explore 21 animated historical figures who made significant contributions, paving the way to today. After viewing the animations, students vote on...
In commemoration of the 175th Anniversary of the Texas Revolution, Director Michael Cerny completed a series of sixty-second stories presented by well-known Texans that recall the many exceptional accomplishments made by other Texans. Enjoy this clip featuring Austin native Ricardo Chavira (Desperate Housewives) as he shares the remarkable story of Lionel Lopez, who helps people living in Colonias in South Texas.
In commemoration of the 175th Anniversary of the Texas Revolution, Director Michael Cerny completed a series of sixty-second stories presented by well-known Texans that recall the many exceptional accomplishments made by other Texans. Enjoy this clip featuring Dallas native Owen Wilson as he recounts the life of "Blind" Willie Johnson, a gospel blues singer and guitarist. Made by Michael Cerny.
FBI Strikes Waco, Texas Cult Compound (0:39) TV-PG On April 19, 2003, after a 51-day standoff with Branch Davidian cult members and their leader David Koresh, the FBI opened a tear-gas assault on the cult's compound in Waco, Texas. A news report that evening describes the scene as the cult sets fire to its buildings, and FBI spokesman Bob Ricks reacts.
A series of videos available from the Texas Forestry Museum, which include videos about Texas Forests.
Today, every adult American citizen regardless of race, gender, religion or socio-economic background has the opportunity to vote. The dreams of our founding fathers, propounded by action, gave us the right to change, the right to be heard, and the right to vote. However, this was not always so. To remind us of our civic duty, Vote America! educates students about the heroic efforts made for equality and democracy;...
The Tejano Voices Project focuses on one hundred seventy six oral history interviews with Tejano and Tejana leaders from across the state conducted by Dr. Jose; Angel Gutiearrez, associate professor of political science at the University of Texas at Arlington. These interviews were conducted in 1992-2006, and emphasize the personal stories and struggles of the interviewees, many of whom are the first individuals of...
Showcasing films from 1900 to 2002, the Texas Film Sampler offers a curated overview designed to illustrate the eclectic nature of the Texas Archive of the Moving Image (TAMI) collection.These materials underscore TAMI’s goal in championing the value of regional voices in constructing Texas history. Additionally, this selection illustrates the serious need for greater attention to the care and management...
In conjunction with the Rio Grande Institute, the Texas Archive of the Moving Image presents the first step towards an online list of feature films depicting the US-Mexico frontier. This project lays the groundwork for further work on identifying, preserving and creating greater access to moving images dealing with the unique borderland along the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo river boundary. The filmography supplements and...
Feel the wrath of Mother Nature with the Wild Texas Weather documentary. A gale-force, immersive theater presentation, this movie is packed so tight with energy, audiences will be blown right out of their seats. Film has an accompanying curriculum guide that is available at http://www.thestoryoftexas.com/education/pdfs/WTW%20education%20guide.pdf.
Audio of George W. Bush: Address Before a Joint Session of the Congress on the State of the Union, January 29, 2002.
Audio of George W. Bush: Address to the Nation Announcing Strikes Against Al Qaida Training Camps and Taliban Military Installations in Afghanistan, October 7, 2001.
Audio of George W. Bush: The Presidents Radio Address, September 15, 2001
Audio of George W. Bush: Remarks at the National Day of Prayer and Remembrance Service, September 14, 2001.
Audio of George W. Bush: Remarks in a Telephone Conversation With New York City Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani and New York Governor George E. Pataki and an Exchange With Reporters, September 13, 2001.
Audio of George W. Bush: Remarks Following a Meeting With the National Security Team, September 12, 2001.
Audio of George W. Bush: Address to the Nation on the Terrorist Attacks, September 11, 2001.
Audio of George W. Bush: Remarks in Sarasota, Florida, on the Terrorist Attack on the World Trade Center, September 11, 2001.