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This is an educational video featuring George P. Bush from the Texas General Land Office. This is an interactive video-lesson that lasts 30 minutes. Teachers are encouraged to distribute copies of the primary resources used throughout the lesson to their students. A printable PDF of primary resources and an activity worksheet to be completed prior to the lesson can be downloaded here: http://www.txglo.org/education...
James Haley, Gov. Richards, and Gene Pipes offer their thoughts on the final days of Houston's life. His reputation, treatment by the community, and the story of Joshua Houston's offering to Margaret are retold in this series of clips.
Dr. Light Cummins - 2010 Save Texas History Symposium Empresario System in Texas
Dr. Frank de la Teja - 2010 Save Texas History Symposium Settlement of Spanish & Mexican Texas
Dr. Gregg Dimmick - 2011 Save Texas History Symposium Sea of Mud Mexican Army after San Jacinto
Dr. Stephen Hardin - 2011 Save Texas History Symposium Sam Houston at San Jacinto
James P. Bevill - 2011 Save Texas History Symposium Financing the Texas Revolution
Dr. Gene Smith - 2011 Save Texas History Symposium Manifest Destiny and the Texas Revolution
Dr. Robert Maberry - 2012 Save Texas History Symposium Civil War Battle Flags
Dr. Alexander Mendoza & Dr. Jerry Thompson Tejanos and the Civil War - 2012 Save Texas History Symposium
Ed Cotham - 2012 Save Texas History Symposium Battle on the Bay: The Civil War struggle for Galveston
Dr. Don Frazier gives the presentation "Union Plans for Texas" at the 2012 Texas General Land Office's Save Texas History Symposium.
Presentation by Dr. Rick McCaslin on Texas in the Civil War given at the 2012 Texas General Land Office's Save Texas History Symposium.
A presentation by Dr. Stephen Hardin titled "The Alamo in Myth and History," given at the 2013 Texas General Land Office Save Texas History Symposium.
Col. Thomas T. "Ty" Smith -"The Alamo and Th Old Army" - Presented at the 2013 Save Texas History Symposium
Presentation by Alwyn Barr titled "The Seige of Bexas" at the 2013 Texas General Land Office, Save Texas History Symposium.
Podcast: Once separated from Mexico, political issues in the United States kept Texas from becoming a state, forcing it to govern itself as an independent republic. Additionally, many in Texas wanted the new country to expand to the Pacific Ocean and become a rival to the United States. Sam Houston maneuvered Texas into statehood and went on to serve as one of its first two U.S. senators, and later its governor.
Podcast: Renowned expert Jeff Dunn discusses the Texas Revolution and the battles that took place during March and April of 1836. Where did these battles take place? How did these battles unfold? And most importantly, how did they turn out? Featured paintings are by noted Texas artists Charles Shaw, Lee Jamison, and Lajos Marcos.
Podcast: What are some of the differences between a democracy and a dictatorship? How did these ideas influence the development of our country? Of Texas? Dr. Susannah Ural discusses these forms of government with your host, Ed Blackburn.
Podcast: Sam Houston was a man known for making decisions based upon strong principles. He was severely criticized for being unwilling to compromise those principles, but standing up to peer pressure and doing the right thing served him well in the long run.
It is a simple question: Why do we care about Sam Houston today? This is a collection of answers that many of our subject matter experts gave. (Sam Houston IV, Dr. Mike Campbell, Dr. Frank de la Teja, Sen. John Cornyn, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, Dr. Gregg Cantrell, James Haley, and Gov. Rick Perry)
Dr. Mike Campbell comments on Houstons orders with respect to the Alamo, and James Haley discusses Houstons battle strategy during the Texas Armys long retreat during the Runaway Scrape.
Dr. Campbell and James Haley discuss Houstons decision to spare Santa Annas life after San Jacinto and comment on his character and temperament.
Dr. Frank de la Teja explains the tensions in newly independent Mexico and the subsequent causes of political unrest in Texas. The clips conclude with a personal reflection of Gov. Ann Richards.
Sen. Hutchison, Dr. Cantrell, Dr. de la Teja, and Gov. Richards comment on the settlement of early Texas with respect to Stephen F. Austin and the empressario system, the political situation in Mexico and increasing tensions in Texas, and the Tejano participation in the Texas Revolution.