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Interactive Game from Texas LRE How a Bill becomes a Law in Texas can be played on a computer or using an interactive whiteboard or smartboard.
This website includes a selection of interactive games which can be played individualy on a computer or as a class using an interactive whiteboard or smartboard.
In early 1836, Texans were involved in a life and death struggle for freedom from Mexico. They sent representatives from every municipality to a constitutional convention in the small town of Washington, on the Brazos River. In two tense weeks, these Texans declared independence and created a constitutional republic based on the democratic principles they all held dear. Explore this FUN website to discover their...
Follow the key moments in Houstons life with this dynamic, interactive timeline. Also included are many important historical events that occurred during the period.
This site will provide you with information on curriculum, assessment, rules, etc.  We welcome any suggestions you may have that will improve this site for individuals working to provide high quality social studies programs for students.
This is a website to help teachers and students in their study of "Freshwater", which is the theme of this years Geography Awareness Week Celebration. The site includes information on freshwater, audio/visual material, games, and other interactive features. "Freshwater" Geography Awareness Week November 14-20, 2010
Interactive game to teach students about the Texas Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Government produced during the Convention of March 2-17 at Washington.
The educational website that follows the making of the film Texas Before The Alamo by Bill Millet.
This website is dedicated to informing Texas citizens about jury service. Below you will find links to specific information regarding jury service, tips for reporting and serving as a juror, frequently asked questions, detailed information on the trial process, as well as a glossary containing definitions of common words used before and during jury trials. To the right is a 15-minute video that you may watch to...
Exhibit of photos, papers, and artifacts of Dr. Hector P. Garcia.