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Certificate, Leftwich's Grant with seal of Texas Association. Signed by Felix Robertson, President of the Association.
Promissory note given by George May to Martin Lacy. Signed by James Bowie, Benjamin Tennilla, George May, & Thomas J. Rusk.
Stamped paper document, signed by Ramon Musquiz and Jose Antonio Sancedo, political chiefs of Texas.
Sale of property of Jose Trevino to Henry Raguet. Signed by Henry Raguet, fiscal agent for the Republic; and Charles S. Taylor, signor of Texas Declaration of Independence.
Promissory note of Jose Maria Soto to William G. Logan and Harry Raguet. Signed by Peter Ellis Bean, one of Philip Nolan's Men; and Vicente Cordova, Cordovian Rebellion Leader.
Document, land grant to Jefferson Reed. Signed by William H. Steele, Land Commissioner.
Document, land paper, in Spanish, and signed by Jose Antonio Navarro, Thomas R. Miller, and Jose Ramon Bedford.
Paper on the Estate of Kelsey H. Douglas bearing the seal of Consulate. Signed by William Bryan, Consul.
Second class head-right certificate to William B. Patterson. Signed by Thomas J. Rusk.
Document on land, written at Gonzales. Signed by J.B. Patrick, Green DeWitt, George W. Davis.
Printed document of the Consulate of the Republic of Texas with seal of Consulate, signed by the Consul Nathaniel Townsend.
Appointment of Isaac W. Burton as Deputy Surveyor of Nacogdoches. Burton was Captain of the Republic of Texas Rangers, from 1835 - 1836. Signed by A. A. Nelson, County Surveyor.
Appointment of Joseph B. Chance as Attorney by Sterling C. Robertson, signed by Sterling C. Robertson, Empressario of Nashville Colony.
Field notes on Clopper Land Grant at Harrisburg, giving coordinates and landmark descriptions.
Stamped Document, in Spanish, signed by James Grant, 1835.
Report and resolutions of committee to govern the county Treasurers in his payment of monies. Signed by Adolphus Stern.
Appointment by William Clark of Henry Raquet as Attorney to secure land title. Signed by D. S. Kaufman, Aide to General Kelsey H. Douglass ; and Robert A. Irion, First Secretary of State.
Copy of a grant to sell lots from Estate of Haden Edwards in town of Fredonia from the 1850s.
Government dues collected by J. F. C. Henderson at the General Land Office of the State of Texas for "Eight labors arable land at $5.00 per labor" and "Eighteen labors pasture land at $2.40 per labor" for a total of $83.20. Certificate noting payment received from John Hancock on the 3rd day of June, 1848.
Certificate of land from Lorenzo de Zavala, Joseph Vehlein and David G. Burnet to Stephen Whitney. The four tracts of land given "comprehend all the land not settled" from the western boundary of the United States at the Gulf of Mexico, to the Sabine River in the north, to a road between Natchitoches to Nacogdoches, to twenty Spanish Leagues from to road down to the suburbs of Nacogdoches. A map outlining the tracts...
Stamped paper document promissory note given by Jose Trevino to William Logan, signed by Henry Raguet, 1835..
Map of Bell County, Texas, colored to show break up of Juan Nepomicino Arocha Survey through land grants.
Braniff Airways airplane parked with Administration Building of the Municipal Airport in background.
Unidentified women working on a bi-wing airplane.
Crowd gathered around an airplane at Ellington Field air show after World War I. A man is visible above the crowd, standing on the airplane.