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This article provides an overview of the History of Public Education in Texas from the Texas Education Agency.
The Hood’s Brigade, 5th Texas Regiment, Company I Muster Roll, 1862-1864, contains an original copy and photocopy of the 4-page muster roll for Company I of the Fifth Texas Infantry Regiment of Hood’s Texas Brigade. The muster roll contains a list of members with rank and casualty record while the regiment was under the command of Confederate officer Jerome B. Robertson. This collection was processed by Chester V....
The Oral History of the Texas Oil Industry Records collection documents the development of the Texas oil industry from the turn of the century to 1950. It includes 218 taped interviews of oral reminiscences recalled by pioneers in all phases of oil fields and oil booms--roughnecks, drillers, promoters, financiers, contractors, leasemen and law officers. The project was undertaken by sixteen interviewers who recorded...
The Eugene C. Barker Texas History Collection was created in 1945 and named in honor of University of Texas professor Eugene Campbell Barker, a pioneer in the field of Texas history. The Barker Collection includes books, manuscripts, maps, newspapers, photographs, broadsides, and recorded sound and constitutes the most extensive collection of Texas-related material in existence. Includes: the Bexar Archives, 300,000...
This is an eye witness to history article about the death of Captain Henry T. Waskow during World War II.  Captain Waskow was from Belton, Texas.
This is an eye witness to history article about the battle at the Alamo in  1836.
This is an eye witness to history account of the Galveston, Texas Hurricane of 1900.
This is an eye witness to history article about the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas in 1963.
This is an eyewitness to history article that tells of an encounter with the Texas Rangers in the year 1876.