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One of the largest special collections in the nation among schools of Southwestern’s size, the Edward A. Clark Collection was a gift of more than 2,400 volumes donated in 1965 from the private collection of Ambassador Edward A. Clark. It is rich in printed materials for the period of the Republic of Texas, the annexation of Texas by the United States, and Reconstruction. Also included in this collection are a number...
This site, developed by the Institute of Southern Jewish Life with funding from Humanities Texas and the Texas Jewish Historical Society, contains detailed, illustrated histories of 55 different Jewish communities from across the state. Each history discusses the origins, development, and current state of the local Jewish community.
The Texas Digital Newspaper Program is a partnership to provide broad geographic access to digitized Texas newspapers as far back as 1829. This is a very popular collection with some outstanding partners across Texas. Newspapers are being added to the Portal regularly. Some of the current titles include the Telegraph and Texas Register, the Bartlett Tribune, the Texas Ranger, the Palo Pinto Star, the Texas Democrat...
Photograph of seven Civil War veterans, including B.B. Paddock who is second from the right in the back row. The men are wearing old Confederate uniforms, two with ribbons attached to their jackets and the rest with medals and insignia attached.
Photograph of nine men and three women at a Confederate Reunion. Six of the men are in Confederate uniform while the other three wear suits, one with a vest and one with a tie. Five of the men have ribbons attached to their coats.
John Sherman Saunders was a 2nd lieutenant in the 61st Tennessee Mounted Infantry, Confederate Army. He enlisted is October 3, 1862 in Clairborne Co. Tenn. He was captured Nov. 6, 1863 there also. Was at the Louisville Ky Military Prison from 1863-Mar. 25, 1864 and at Fort Delaware, Del. Military Prison from Mar. 27, 1864-June 12, 1865. (included in Portal because he was a Grapevine resident after the Civil War)
Collage of the Flag of Texas Hunters and Marshall Guards surrounded by portraits of two men, one in Confederate uniform and a woman depicted during the Civil War period.
Photograph of eight Confederate veterans, including William E.P. Sawyer, second from the left in the front row. The men are elderly, five with beards and three with mustaches. They all wear suits, two without jackets and one without a vest. All have pins or medals pinned to their clothing.
James W. Terrill in his Confederate army uniform from the Civil War. He was a Tarrant County pioneer.
Group of thirty seven unidentified Civil War veterans, first row sitting on a bench, second row standing. Some wearing parts of uniforms, posing in front of large oak tree
Map of Denton County, Texas and the surrounding area. Individual properties are marked and labeled with land owners. There are various handwritten notes and additional property lines drawn on the map. Scale ca. 1:133,333
Papers of Alexander Simon. Bill of Sale to Julia R. Simons (wife) from Adam Hill for $1200 for female slave, Julia and her 2 year old daughter.
Speech delivered to the House of Representatives on February 10, 1847
Account of the battle from two participants, Williams on the Confederate side and Sansom with the Union.
postcard from Paris, Texas
Papers of Alexander Simon. Bill of Sale to Simon from ??Cummings for a 13 year old slave boy named Alexander.
Book by Dan W. Roberts-Texas Ranger-1914
Diary of Ephraim Shelby Dodd: Member of Company D Terry’s Texas Rangers, December 4, 1862--January 1, 1864.
Book about the reminiscences of the Terry Rangers.
Texas Rangers-Charlie Price, John Caraway, Charlie Blackwell, and Will Ersking
Book about Jim Gillett, frontiersman, cowboy, Texas Ranger, and city marshal of El Paso
Digital image of Texas Ranger weapons.
Heritage Magazine feature
A Soldiers Letters to Charming Nellie, published in 1908, is purported to be a series of letters to a friend of the author that tell a plain, unvarnished, and true story of the observations and experiences, the impressions and feelings, of a soldier.
This thesis gives an overview of the history of Smith County, Texas. The chapters, according to the Table of Contents: Topography and Earliest Indian Life; The Cherokees; The Expulsion of the Cherokees; The Exploration and Beginnings of Smith County; Frontier Smith County, 1846-1851; The Ante-Bellum Period, 1860-1874; The Railroads and Their Influences, 1870-1900; Post Civil War Politics and Society, 1870-1900; and...