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This is a primary online source held by the Texas State library and archives commission. It Features historical records that highlight the history of Texas during the Civil War and under the Rebel Flag. From 2011-2015, the United States commemorates the Sequiscentennial of the American Civil War. Texas was among those states voting to secede from the Union and join the Confederacy in 1861. From the embattled cotton...
This is a primary source found at the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. In this exhibit, the Texas State Library and Archives Commission presents its collection of historic flags -- forty in all -- for the first time. Information on each flag includes a high-resolution image and the documentation held by this institution. Many of these flags are too large and too endangered to be exhibited or handled....
This site, developed by the Institute of Southern Jewish Life with funding from Humanities Texas and the Texas Jewish Historical Society, contains detailed, illustrated histories of 55 different Jewish communities from across the state. Each history discusses the origins, development, and current state of the local Jewish community.
Searchable database to original, photoreproduced, and compiled maps of Texas covering the period from the 17th-20th centuries.
Fear, Force, and Leather:The Texas Prison System's First Hundred Years, 1848 - 1948From humble beginnings with little money or public support, the Texas prison system eventually transformed into a self-supporting network of sugar and cotton farms.  But hellish conditions and brutal punishments led to one of the greatest scandals in Texas history, and began a cycle of reform that brought Texas to a new era...
Politics: Holding the Line
Texas Transformed by War
Taking Back Galveston
The reality of the war hit Texas and the rest of the South hard in 1862. Early in the year, the Confederates lost two critical western forts, Fort Henry on the Tennessee River and Fort Donelson on the Cumberland. In March, Confederate forces were badly beaten at Pea Ridge, Arkansas. These Union victories cemented federal control of Missouri and gave the Yankees leverage to hammer a wedge between the western...
In April 1861, the Civil War officially began in faraway South Carolina, where Confederate shore batteries forced the surrender of Fort Sumter in Charleston harbor. In Texas, recruiting began in earnest that spring for mounted riflemen to join the Confederate cause.
In the aftermath of Lincoln's election, Governor Houston received dozens of petitions with hundreds of signatures, calling on him to call the legislature into special session to consider the question of separation from the United States. When he refused, he got more petitions as well as letters praising his decision.
Working for secession was a shadowy group called the Knights of the Golden Circle. The Knights were for a Southern confederacy that would expand aggressively into Mexico and the Caribbean, creating a vast agricultural empire that would supply world markets with cotton, rice, sugar, and coffee. The Knights actually tried to mount an invasion of Mexico in the spring of 1860, but it collapsed from ineptitude as soon as...
Several southerners disagreed with the southern agenda in the Civil War. They dissented and worked with the Union.
Portraits of Texas governors, including biography, timeline, and significant documents
Copies of historic paintings by Henry Arthur McArdle (including Dawn at the Alamo, The Battle of San Jacinto, The Settlement of Austins Colony, and many others).