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This collection contains photographs and archival material related primarily to Mexican American families in Houston.
John J. Herrera was an attorney in Houston, Texas and president of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC). He was very active in advocating for civil rights for Hispanic and Mexican Americans in Houston. Herrera's extensive archive of materials are primarily related to his activities with LULAC.
Edited by J. Frank Dobie, 1924. Includes legends people, places, and supernatural events of Texas.
By Rahcel Lofton, Susie Hendrix and Jane Kennedy, 1926. A stirring narrative of adventure, hardship and privation in the early days of Texas, depicting struggles with the Indians and other adventures.
By J.W. Wilbarger, 1890. Reliable accounts of battles, wars, adventures, forays, murders, massacres, etc., together with biographical sketches of many of the most noted Indian fighters and frontiersmen of Texas. Source: Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library
This book, written by Andrew Murphy Jackson, provides biographical sketches of noteworthy African Americans in Texas, and advice on how African Americans can lead fulfilling lives.
Presents aspects of the social, economical, and educational situation of Houston's African American population around 1915. Includes articles by different authors. Contains statistical data and numerous photos of people, streets, and buildings.
Special military orders for Captain R. Greene, Jr. Greene was empowered to inspect the Conscript officers in Western Texas.
Letter from Richard Greene to Richard Venables, dated April 8, 1864, with a suggestion that Venables apply for a position with General Greer. Includes a reply from Venables on the reverse, dated May 9, 1864. Venables gives an account of his recent illness, capture by the Yankees, and recovery.
Brief biography of Thomas M. Bagby. Contains a short history of how the site of his home became the location of the early Houston Public Library.
Invitation letter from the City of Houston regarding a Freedmen's Town/4th Ward Community Meeting on Wednesday, April 23, 2008.
Letter from C. F. Richardson to Governor James Allred thanking the governor for his participation in the National Negro Business League meeting on August 17,1938 in Houston. Richardson also informed Governor Allred that he planned to be in Austin on September 2nd and asked for a conference to discuss a few issues.
Signature of S. R. Bostick from April 22, 1899. Obtained by O. Fisher Allen at a convention of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas. At the time, Bostick was the only living member of the four captors of General Antonio López de Santa Anna at the Battle of San Jacinto.
Promissory note to Henry Norton and Virgil Whitcomb, signed by Santa Anna.
Certificate, Leftwich's Grant with seal of Texas Association. Signed by Felix Robertson, President of the Association.
Promissory note given by George May to Martin Lacy. Signed by James Bowie, Benjamin Tennilla, George May, & Thomas J. Rusk.
Stamped paper document, signed by Ramon Musquiz and Jose Antonio Sancedo, political chiefs of Texas.
Sale of property of Jose Trevino to Henry Raguet. Signed by Henry Raguet, fiscal agent for the Republic; and Charles S. Taylor, signor of Texas Declaration of Independence.
Promissory note of Jose Maria Soto to William G. Logan and Harry Raguet. Signed by Peter Ellis Bean, one of Philip Nolan's Men; and Vicente Cordova, Cordovian Rebellion Leader.
Document, land grant to Jefferson Reed. Signed by William H. Steele, Land Commissioner.
Document, land paper, in Spanish, and signed by Jose Antonio Navarro, Thomas R. Miller, and Jose Ramon Bedford.
Paper on the Estate of Kelsey H. Douglas bearing the seal of Consulate. Signed by William Bryan, Consul.
Second class head-right certificate to William B. Patterson. Signed by Thomas J. Rusk.
Document on land, written at Gonzales. Signed by J.B. Patrick, Green DeWitt, George W. Davis.
Printed document of the Consulate of the Republic of Texas with seal of Consulate, signed by the Consul Nathaniel Townsend.