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This newspaper article highlights how conservation experts, including A&M archaeologists have been working in conserving and restoring the LeBelle, the French Shipwreck discovered off the waters of Matagorda Bay in 1995. The article emphasises that the discovery brought to light 1.6 million artifacts from the ship and that currently the ship is now reassembled at the Bob Bullock State History Museum in Austin.
In this video Dr. Frank de La Teja speaks about how some tend to oversimplify Texas history and there is much more to the story. Dr. De la Teja discusses the unique worlds of Fray Margil and other characters in Texas in the Spanish Colonial period.
In this video Dr. Frank de La Teja takes TSHA members' questions after his presentation "Understanding Spanish Texas through the Life of Fray Margil" in a live presentation from September 28, 2015.
This is the complete session with Dr. Jesus de la Teja. He discusses the origins of Mission San Jose and how history of how the Alamo along with the four other Spanish colonial missions in San Antonio became a World Heritage Site in the summer of 2015, making them the first places in Texas deemed to be of “outstanding cultural or natural importance to the common heritage of humanity”. UNESCO’s recognition of the...
African Americans have been part of the landscape of Texas for as long as Europeans and their descendants. Spanning a period of more than five centuries, African-American presence began in 1528 with the arrival of Estevanico, an African slave who accompanied the first Spanish exploration of the land in the southwestern part of the United States that eventually became Texas. While African Americans have been...
The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) effective in fall 2011, state the following: "The student is expected to identify the major eras in Texas history, describe their defining characteristics, and explain why historians divide the past into eras, including Natural Texas and its People; Age of Contact; Spanish Colonial; Mexican National; Revolution and Republic; Early Statehood; Texas in the...
Annotated typescript of biography of Galveston founder Michel Branamour Menard. The contents include a sketch on Menard from the Galveston Directory for 1866-1867, a discussion of Menard from Early Issues of Capital Stock, a sketch of Menard from the Galveston Daily News, and a memorandum by Sue Menard McCaleb. 38 page typescript biography of Michel Branamour Menard, annotated by Houston Wade.
The personal diary of Elizabeth Craw (1819-ca.1909) records her journey from Ohio to see her soldier fiancé in Texas, and her experiences there. Craw’s fiancé fought and died at the Battle of the Alamo, 1836. 40 page handwritten diary. Circa 60 completely blank pages at the end of the diary were not included in this digital representation. Travellers and explorers Alamo (San Antonio, Tex.)--Siege...
Medical log. 148 page handwritten medical record book describing Dr. Stewarts patients, their treatments, and fees. Among the patients is Mirabeau B. Lamar. Area includes Brazoria County and elsewhere in Texas.
Handwritten 4 page letter, torn in portions of fold. Written in 1837 from Houston, Forrest writes at length to his wife about Houston, and the illness of their son ;discusses the possible outbreak of war with Mexico ;talks of the Texas Congress meeting. This four-page letter gives an early look at life in the Republic of Texas.
Discussing the possible annexation of Texas to the United States, especially as regards slavery. Printed document, 16 pp. Document attributed to Edward Everett Hale.
The Handbook of Texas Online is a multidisciplinary encyclopedia of Texas history, geography, and culture sponsored by the Texas State Historical Association. Please see the introductionfor further details.
This document provides dates and descriptions of the major eras of Texas history as outlined in the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills which took effect in fall 2011. The information was compiled by TSHA staff and vetted by qualified historians.
Published since 1857, the Texas Almanac provides a wealth of information about Texas history, economics, geography, and culture. Though the majority of content is contained in the printed book, its companion web site contains significant information including town, city, and county information and an extensive archive of back issues.
An article from the Handbook of Texas Online on the Meusebach-Comanche Treaty of 1847.
An article from the Handbook of Texas Online on the impact that irrigation has had on Texas.
An article from the Handbook of Texas Online detailing the history of religious movements in Texas.
An article from the Handbook of Texas Online on Francis Richard Lubbock.
An article from the Handbook of Texas Online on the Santa Fe Expedition.
An article from the Handbook of Texas Online on the Council House Fight.
An article from the Handbook of Texas Online on the Cordova Rebellion.
An article from the Handbook of Texas Online on Mary Ann Adams Maverick.
An article from the Handbook of Texas Online on William Goyens.
An article from the Handbook of Texas Online on Chief Bowl.
An article from the Handbook of Texas Online on John Coffee Hays.