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Biography and information on former Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson.
Photo of man wearing angora goat hair chaps (1917).
Photo of Patti Welder wearing ball gown (1902).
Photo of passport of Mitsutaro Kobayashi (1904)
Photo of oil rigs in downtown Kilgore (ca. 1940).
Photo of mule-drawn streetcar, Nuevo Laredo, Mexico (ca. 1900).
Photo of wedding portrait (ca. 1900).
Photo of family and their family vehicle (ca. 1910).
Photo of wedding reception (ca. 1950)
Photo of farm laborer cultivating a cotton field with team of mules, Allenfarm, Texas (1964).
Photo of men in buggy pulled by donkeys, La Grange, Texas (ca. 1915).
Photo of men and boys with ox-drawn wagon near Tatum, Texas (ca. 1900).
Photo of McCulloch County Courthouse, Brady, Texas (ca. 1905).
Photo of McCulloch County Courthouse, Brady, Texas (ca. 1892).
Photo of child on rocking horse (ca. 1898).
Photo of man wheeling bale of cotton at gin (ca. 1950).
Photo of man with race car (ca. 1920-1925).
Photo of man in race car (ca. 1920-1925).
Photo of African American man (ca. 1900)
Photo of farm worker carrying sack filled with cotton on farm near Tivoli, Texas, ca. 1949.
Photo of Comanche Native American (ca. 1890).