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This is a free curriculum guide on the Grand Jury system in Texas, based on a primary source from the Star of the Republic Museum – the transcript of grand jury testimony in a murder case from San Felipe de Austin in 1840. Guide includes information on the history of the grand jury in Texas, lesson plans, and a script for a classroom re-enactment of the hearing. Developed by Star of the Republic Museum and State Bar...
In early 1836, Texans were involved in a life and death struggle for freedom from Mexico. They sent representatives from every municipality to a constitutional convention in the small town of Washington, on the Brazos River. In two tense weeks, these Texans declared independence and created a constitutional republic based on the democratic principles they all held dear. Explore this FUN website to discover their...
Constitution of the State of Texas (1845)-joining the US.
Constitution of the Republic of Texas (1836).
Unanimous Declaration of Independence by the Delegates of the People of Texas.
Declaration of the People of Texas in General Convention assembled.