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Town Square Walk Around Mobile Tour


This online exhibit features a rich blend of images, videos, maps, and useful visitor information for exploring historical sites across Texas.

According to Texas native and architectural maven Brantley Hightower, “You can read a town like a book…with plot points of its history revealed in its organization and architecture.” In this tour, we will take him at his word and check out some “books”— thirteen historic Texas towns along the I-35 corridor, between Gainesville and Laredo. We invite you to take a short walk around the town squares, streets, and plazas. Seek out the way each town’s development reflects its history and the events and people who influenced it. As you walk around the towns, we will guide you to look for what makes each town unique — seeking out the story inherent in its architecture, the pathways of its development, and the visionary choices of Texans who created and preserve the towns.

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