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Texans One and All

Originally published in 1998 as a guide to the ITC Exhibit Floor, Texans One and All introduces students to 26 settlement groups that have shaped Texan culture. Specifically covered in the new corresponding activities are the push and pull theory of immigration, including political, social, economic, and environmental push and pull factors, forced migration, and an introduction to the study of culture, cultural diffusion and assimilation. For your convenience, the 2013 revised version of Texans One and All has been broken into sections and organized by the migration topic it reflects. Each section is available below with corresponding activity sheets. The activities are based on 6th through 9th grade Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). Each section may be used independently, in combination with other chapters, or as a jigsaw activity such as on page 4 of the introduction packet. Please see the introduction packet for further instructions, student activities, tips, and a complete list of TEKS.
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