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Rangers and the Texas Revolution Lesson Plan (Grade 7)

This lesson plan focuses on the following: The first settlers came to Texas around 1821 with Stephen F. Austin who called for ten men to act as Rangers for the common defense against Indian tribes and Mexican forces in 1823. These early Rangers were paid in land and provided their own horse, weapons and equipment. Many of them served in the battles during the Texas Revolution and helped protect settlers during the Republic of Texas. In this lesson students will research the important events and roles of the Rangers from 1823-1845. The objectives are: Objectives 1) Use primary and secondary resources to analyze the responsibilities of the early Rangers and their varying relationships with Indian tribes and Mexican military forces. 2) Discuss Green DeWitt’s colony and the conflict between DeWitt and Martin de Leon. Name 3 rangers that were involved in the colony. Compare how the attitude of the DeWitt colonists changed from 1825 to the 1830s. 3) Identify early Texas Rangers and discuss their leadership roles in the Republic of Texas. Examples include Moses Morrison, Erastus “Deaf” Smith, Henry Karnes, Maj. Robert McAlpin Williamson, Edward Burleson, Col. Robert M. Coleman, Flacco, Castro, John J. Tumlinson, Jose Maria Gonzales, Juan Seguin, & Col. John Henry Moore. 4) Summarize the major battles during the Texas Revolutionary War and explain the leadership and role of the Rangers during this time.
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