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Pioneering Principles : Why Character Matters - A History Class from the Texas General Land Office

This is an educational video featuring George P. Bush from the Texas General Land Office. This is an interactive video-lesson that lasts 30 minutes. Teachers are encouraged to distribute copies of the primary resources used throughout the lesson to their students. A printable PDF of primary resources and an activity worksheet to be completed prior to the lesson can be downloaded here: http://www.txglo.org/education. In the early 1800s, the opportunity to own inexpensive, abundant land in pre-Republic Texas was a powerful incentive for many Americans to pack up and set out for Stephen F. Austins colony. Mexican authorities, however, did not want just anyone settling this land. Using documents found in the GLO Archives, the lesson will discuss what the Mexican government required of Austins colonial settlers and how these expectations might apply today. Do you have a question about character or the GLO Archives that you'd like us to answer during the live class? Tweet your questions before or during the class using #SaveTXHistory. Viewers will also be able to ask questions during the class on Facebook and YouTube. In addition to the history lesson, winners of the Save Texas History Texas Travels Essay Contest for fourth- and seventh-grade Texas students will be announced at the end of the program.
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