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The Mexican American War

Boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya hosts this History Channel two-hour (90 minute program time) special exploring the war that few American history books describe in depth, as it represents the only time in history when the United States could be considered a nation of conquest. As the result of the war, President James Polk was able to expand American borders to the Pacific Ocean, taking over nearly half of Mexico's territory. American and Mexican historians tell both sides of the story ... how the war began, how it was fought and who ultimately was responsible for the outcome. Jim Lindsay Writer/Director/Executive Producer; 2nd Unit Directors Harlan Glenn and Jerry Massimei; Directors of Photography Kevin O'Brien and Andrew Parke; Bob Schuck location sound; Charles Denler composer; Shane Ross editor/colorist/post production supervisor. Susan Werbe Executive Producer for The History Channel. A presentation of JIM LINDSAY PRODUCTIONS.
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