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Honoring Our Past:Texas Commemorative Maps


The goals of this Lesson plan is to identify and describe the characteristics of a commemorative map, summary the purpose of a commemorative map, and plan and create a commemorative map from a topic of theme in Texas History. The rich history of Texas provides us with many opportunities to commemorate our past. Texans honor and celebrate their legacy in many ways with parades, festivals, rodeos and cultural events, to name a few. Some are celebrations, others are solemn occasions of remembrance, and others simply recognize specific topics or historical events. One interesting and creative way to honor our past is through the creation of commemorative maps. A commemorative map usually focuses on a single topic or theme. The topic can be historical (e.g., The Texas Revolution) or thematic (e.g., Railroads of Texas). The Texas General Land Office has several commemorative maps in its collection. These maps are visual reminders of our rich heritage and its impact on our lives. The Great Military Map of Texas is a perfect example of a commemorative map and will be the subject of this activity.

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