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This unit of study should be done in a cooperative learning environment as well as in individual project assignments. A supportive learning environment, one in which students can create their own ideas, both individually and collaboratively, needs to be provided. For this student-centered classroom approach the teacher should have the resources and ideas for students at the beginning of the project assignment (challenge) but should brainstorm with the students about the exact direction that the class might take during the study. The teacher is responsible for constant feedback and support as the students work to improve student performance. In order for learners to receive maximum benefit from feedback, the feedback should be supplied as soon as possible. Flexibility is most important for the teacher. The hands-on and problem-solving type situations take time, so applying the appropriate investigational or analytical strategies is important. Students need to feel that they have the competence and the right to make significant decisions about the projects they work on. They need to be fully involved, acquire confidence in their ability to reason, and enjoy the activities.

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