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Bowles's New Pocket Map of North America 1776


This is a primary resource found at the Texas General Land Office. It is a map of the North America circa 1776. This is a copper-engraving map that shows all of North America, except for the undetermined far northwest, plus Central America and the top of South America, and the West Indies. The “XIII United States” are named on the map, and there is a table designating the ownership of the various lands and islands. This map is currently on loan from the Land Office to the Witte Museum for the collaborative exhibit, Mapping Texas: From Frontier to the Lone Star State, until September. The official title of this map is: Bowles's New Pocket Map of North America, divided into it's Provinces, Colonies, &c. The map was donated to the GLO by Katherine Staat in memory of Herbert Christian Merillat.

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