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A Booming Industry: Oil in Texas (7th grade)


When Spindletop erupted on January 10, 1901, Texas was no stranger to change. In the last few decades of the 19th century, the Texas economy and landscape had already faced dramatic changes due to the coming of the railroad. Farmers and ranchers, who had traditionally relied on man‐power to move their goods and cattle to the markets, began to take advantage of the speedy and more cost‐effective transportation provided by the railroad. Just as the lives of Texans had been drastically altered upon the arrival of the railroad, so too would their lives, culture, and businesses be profoundly changed by the discovery of oil. Using archival film taken from oil fields, this lesson plan explores Texas History and culture, technological innovations related to the oil business, and the impact of the oil industry on Texas. The lesson targets TEKS in Social Studies for grade 7.

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