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Alamo Lesson Plan - 7th Grade

This is a lesson plan that highlights the Alamo. Remembering through education. The Alamo strives to meet the needs of today’s classroom teachers. We realize that the school year moves quickly, making planning critical. This Alamo Educator Packet is based on the Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills for Social Studies as specified by the Texas Education Agency. It is designed to create learning opportunities by providing ready-to-use reference material and activity sheets that can be used as either the basis of individual lessons or as sponge activities. We believe that this information can easily be incorporated into the existing curriculum, enhancing learning in the area of Texas History. The Battle of the Alamo was a epochal event not only in Texas History but in the history of the United States and Mexico as well. Several million visitors come to San Antonio each year to see the spot where a small band of Texans faced overwhelming odds for the cause of liberty. This event and the men and women who took part in it are too important to be forgotten. The story is a powerful learning tool and has sparked an interest in history for many young people and adults. The Alamo saga provides important lessons to a society looking for values. We welcome your suggestions as to how to improve our services to you. The Alamo is dedicated to the task of helping educate Texans, young and old, about the wonderful history of this state. Visit us on the internet at http://www.thealamo.org.
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