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15 Minute History: Mexican Migration to the U.S.

The words "Mexican immigration" are usually enough to start a vibrant, politically and emotionally charged debate. Yet, the history of Mexican migration to the U.S. involves a series of ups and down—some Mexicans were granted citizenship by treaty after their lands were annexed to the U.S., and, until the 1970s, they were considered legally white—a privilege granted to no other group. At the same time, Mexicans crossing the border every day were subjected to invasive delousing procedures, and on at least two occasions were subjected to incentivized repatriation. Guest Miguel A. Levario from Texas Tech University (and a graduate of UT's Department of History) walks us through the "schizophrenic" relationship between the US and its southern neighbor and helps us ponder whether there are any new ideas to be had in the century long debate it has inspired—or any easy answers. Even though this is "15 Minute History," this episode will fit right in to classroom discussion of current events in US History, Texas History, and American Government classes at the regular and AP levels. Dr. Levario has also given us links to several excellent resources, including UT El Paso's oral history archive, and the Bracero Archive, an online collection of multimedia that includes lesson plans and teacher resources. This is one not to miss!
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