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Content Guide

Browse Teaching Texas resources by grade level, topic or period, keywords, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) correlation(s), and source.

Resource Types:

Online Primary or Secondary Sources
are an online collection of primary and secondary source material, electronic exhibitions, encyclopedias, journals, ebooks, webinars, etc. which provide knowledge on a topic.
Lesson Plans
are online curricular materials that provide teachers with strategies, activities, and worksheets for teaching students.
Audio-Visual Materials
are items such as videos, audio recordings, podcasts, interactive materials and websites, etc. which are available online and in formats such as DVD and VHS.
Books, Guides, or Other Materials
are print materials such as fiction, non-fiction, curriculum guides, and other media intended to broaden the knowledge of educators or students.
Special Events
are events or celebrations tied to specific dates which are beneficial to the knowledge of educators and/or students.
Museum Exhibits or Programs
are permanent and/or temporary exhibits and associated programming found at museums or historic sites that is intended for educators or students.
Interactive Websites and Apps
includes web-based applications, including for those designed for smartphones, which serve as learning aids when teaching about specific periods or events.
Staff Development
includes online and in-person training for educators intended to provide social studies content or teaching strategies.
Student Programs
are programs intended to teach knowledge or skills and/or enrich the educational experience of students and their teachers.
Speakers or Presenters
are individuals or groups with expertise on a given subject or who portray historical characters or events for use with educators or students.
include scholarships, writing contests, and other means for educators and students to secure future funding by engaging with Texas history.

Grade Levels:

Each item is assigned to 4th or 7th Grade (or both) based on the appropriateness of the audience. Most content knowledge for educators is assigned to both grade levels.


The topic(s) or time period on which the resource is focused is correlated to the existing structure used for the Handbook of Texas Online.


Keywords are selected based on the content of the resource and should be useful in locating the main idea or focus of the resource. This will be applied by the reviewers if no keywords are suggested.

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS):

The TEKS can be designated by the person suggesting the resource, but will be added as appropriate by the reviewers who are ensuring that all necessary information is in place. At present all items on the site are correlated to the current standards which go into effect in the Fall of 2011.


The organization which created or hosts the resource will be listed.