Moving Towards Reform

Lesson PlanDuring the late 1800s and early 1900s an era of reform spread across the United States. Since Texas wasn't highly industrialized at this time compared to other parts of the United States, Texas did not experience the extent of the reform movements other parts of the United States did. The students will analyze and evaluate the reform movements in Texas by making a broadside of a reform movement they have researched.
Source:Texas State Historical Association
Grade Level:7th Grade
TEKS:7.1(A), 7.7(C), 7.21(A), 7.21(B), 7.21(D), 7.21(E), 7.22(A), 7.22(B), 7.22(C), 7.22(D)
Topics:Late Nineteenth-Century, Progressive Era, Texas in the 1920s, Great Depression, World War II, Texas Since World War II

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