Hitting the Mark: Cowgirls and Wild West Shows

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Museum Exhibit or ProgramThis is an exhibition sponsored by Humanities Texas and the Cowgirl Hall of Fame and Museum. The Hitting the Mark: Cowgirls and Wild West Shows gallery at the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame in Fort Worth features the iconic Annie Oakley and other women who performed in Wild West shows from the 1880s to early twentieth century. The exhibition showcases artifacts such as Oakley’s wedding ring, handwritten letters, and one of the shotguns she used while traveling with the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show, all on display for the first time. Additionally, visitors can interact with a hologram of Annie Oakley, developed specifically for this exhibit, which tells Oakley’s story in her own words.
Source:Humanities Texas
Grade Level:Both
TEKS:4.19(A), 4.19(B), 4.19(C), 4.23(A), 4.23(B), 7.19(A), 7.19(B), 7.19(C), 7.19(D), 7.23(A), 7.23(B)

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