Oral Histories in the Classroom Workshop

Staff DevelopmentThis is a workshop sponsored by the Institute of Texas Cultures. Sarah Gould, Lead Curatorial Researcher at the ITC, will guide participants through oral history project planning for teachers, including topic selection, using digital recording equipment, applying the best interviewing techniques, rubrics and evaluation, and preserving and sharing oral histories. Further resources and tips on how to use oral histories in the classroom will be included.
Start Date/Time:2016-10-01 09:00:00
End Date/Time:2016-10-01 12:20:00
Source:Institute of Texan Cultures
Grade Level:Both
TEKS:4.19(A), 4.19(B), 4.19(C), 4.23(A), 4.23(B), 7.19(A), 7.19(B), 7.19(C), 7.23(A), 7.23(B)
Topics:Texas Since World War II

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