Los Tejanos

Staff DevelopmentDiscover resources and strategies for teaching Tejano history and culture and get a special educators tour of our new long-term exhibit Los Tejanos.
Start Date/Time:2015-08-04 06:00:00
End Date/Time:2017-08-16 08:00:00
Source:Institute of Texan Cultures
Grade Level:Both
TEKS:4.2(A), 4.2(B), 4.2(C), 4.2(D), 4.2(E), 4.3(B), 4.3(E), 4.7(A), 4.8(B), 4.10(B), 4.19(A), 4.19(B), 4.19(C), 7.1(A), 7.1(B), 7.1(C), 7.2(B), 7.2(C), 7.2(D), 7.2(E), 7.2(F), 7.11(A), 7.11(B), 7.19(A), 7.19(B), 7.19(C)
Topics:Spanish Texas, Mexican Texas

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