TCEE Smarter Texas Conference

Staff DevelopmentLaw of scarcity makes TCEE conference more valuable: Due to scarce resources, the only location teachers will receive Virtual Economics 4 from now through next school year is at the summer conference. With 1400 plus lessons in economics, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy, this is a resource every classroom needs. For $160 teachers will receive this $100 pin drive, 4 meals and a reception plus at least $50 in other strong resources. TCEE will again host its annual conference at the beautiful Hotel Contessa in San Antonio. The Hotel Contessa The workshop for elementary teachers and supervisors will be June 16-17 and the secondary educator workshop will be June 17-18, 2014. The conference will offer lessons and strategies for K to 12 math, K to 12 social studies, secondary career and economics educators
Start Date/Time:2015-06-18 08:00:00
End Date/Time:2015-06-19 16:30:00
Source:Texas Council on Economic Education
Grade Level:Both
TEKS:4.10(A), 4.10(B), 4.11(A), 4.11(B), 4.11(C), 4.12(A), 4.12(B), 4.12(C), 4.12(D), 4.12(E), 4.12(F), 4.13(A), 4.13(B), 4.13(C), 4.13(E), 7.11(A), 7.11(B), 7.11(C), 7.11(D), 7.12(A), 7.12(B), 7.12(C), 7.13(A), 7.13(B), 7.13(C)
Topics:Texas Since World War II

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