Museum of the American GI

Museum Exhibit or ProgramThe Museum of the American G.I. was established in February 2001 as a 501c3 Non-Profit Corporation. The Museum of the American G.I. began with an inventory of multiple award winning artifacts of American military history. One of the goals of the museum is to be a repository of restored, working military vehicles used by the United States and to display the vehicles in action. The museum's collection includes transport and tracked armored vehicles, artillery pieces and various other hardware components used in the 20th century. A collection of fully functional weapons including individual and crew served weapons, mortars and artillery pieces and samples of demilled ordnance are available for public demonstrations. The museum also houses an impressive collection of uniforms and memorabilia of U.S. servicemen and women. We have one of the nation's most thorough and complete libraries covering technical, training and parts manuals for most every known military vehicle, weapon or piece of equipment within the American arsenal.  
Source:Museum of the American GI
Grade Level:Both
TEKS:4.5(A), 7.7(C), 7.7(E), 7.18(A), 7.23(B)
Topics:World War II

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