Texas Personal Literacy Challenge

Student ProgramThe Personal Financial Literacy Challenge, also known as the FinanceChallenge ONLINE! is designed to provide an online competition in Personal Finance for teachers and students throughout the nation. Research has shown that student clubs and competitions increase student participation, promote attendance, and help students achieve higher grades and standardized test scores. For teachers, the Challenge provides a useful tool to help encourage students and generate excitement for classroom materials. You can read the news without seeing why a fundamental understanding of economics and finance is so important to the future of our youth and our country.
Start Date/Time:2011-01-01 01:00:00
End Date/Time:2013-03-03 00:00:00
Source:Texas Council on Economic Education
Grade Level:7th Grade
TEKS:7.12(A), 7.12(B), 7.12(C), 7.13(A), 7.13(B), 7.14(A)
Topics:Texas Since World War II

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