Save Texas History Texas Travels Essay Contest

Student ProgramTexas has a wonderful, unique history. The Texas Travels Essay Contest encourages 4th grade students to research and write an essay (200-300 words) about individuals who pioneered the vast and uncharted areas of Texas. Seventh grade students are asked to research and write 400-600 words about an area - a city, town or distinct locale - that is significant to the states development and the unique history of Texas. Grand prizewinners for each grade will be awarded airline tickets to San Antonio from Southwest Airlines and hotel accomodation and attraction tickets from San Antonio Convention and Visitors Bureau. All students - public, private and homeschooled - of appropriate age for 4th and 7th grade are encouraged to enter.
Start Date/Time:2016-02-05 00:00:00
End Date/Time:2017-03-22 00:00:00
Source:Texas General Land Office
Grade Level:Both
TEKS:4.2(A), 4.2(B), 4.22(A), 4.22(B), 4.22(C), 4.22(D), 4.22(E), 7.2(D), 7.2(E), 7.2(F), 7.3(A), 7.3(B), 7.3(C), 7.4(A), 7.4(B), 7.5(A), 7.5(B), 7.6(A), 7.6(B), 7.7(B), 7.7(C), 7.7(D), 7.7(E), 7.7(F), 7.22(A), 7.22(B), 7.22(C), 7.22(D)
Topics:Spanish Texas, Mexican Texas, Texas Revolution, Republic of Texas, Antebellum Texas, Civil War, Reconstruction

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